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How a bad posture can affect your low back

Problems caused by poor posture can affect many things. One major one is low back pain!

If you suffer from back pain, you may adopt an unnatural posture to try to limit movements that you fear will create potential pain. However, unless there is a fracture or other serious problem, try not to take on an unnatural or stiff posture.

Try to monitor yourself through out the day and find the bad habit or yourself ! Stand and walk with correct posture!

It’s easy to forget about posture when you’re on the go, on the phone, or doing other everyday activities. But these times are as important as any other for heightening your awareness of good posture and recognizing when certain postures and back pain episodes coincide. While standing,walking and sitting among other things it’s important to keep your head level and not too far forward, feet slightly apart with your weight towards the balls of the feet, and to avoid locking the knees.

Crossing your legs whilst sitting, carrying a hand bag on one side each time etc will give you imbalance to your body and it will affect your pelvis which means it will affect your whole spine. Think of spine as the base of your house. What do you think will happen if the base of your house is tilted? YES! the whole house will be tilted to either side. So now you can imagine your how it will affect your spine if your pelvis is in the wrong position.

Be on the lookout for the following to prevent from having a poor posture:

a) sitting ( DO NOT CROSS YOUR LEGS!!! )

b) standing

c) walking

d) lift and carry carefully ( TRY AND CARRY KNAPSACK )


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