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What time of the day is the best time to workout?

In my opinion it really doesn’t matter what time you train at the gym but in order to get the most weight, you’ll definitely have to be at the best both physically and mentally.

Our body function and sustain itself automatically, so that the brain can devote more energy to higher-level tasks. We have all adapted to cues in our environment that help our body trigger activation of certain systems and processes, while suppressing others.

Little tips about our body throughout the day:

Testosterone is at its daily peak
Mental alertness peaks late morning
Memory works best
Body temperature is still low
Pain tolerance is highest
Possible point of low energy around noon
Late afternoon, adrenalin and body temperature has a rising trend
Late afternoon, there is an optimum period of mental/physical function balance
Coordination, stamina, body temperature at a peak
Lung performance is best
Flexibility and strength at their greatest
Mentally focused
Starting around 9pm, the body produces additional melatonin, preparing for sleep
Your body system should be slowing down in preparation for sleep
Notice that many systems will not be at peak performance at the same times of day. Because of this, and with the addition of individual differences, it is difficult to give a time at which a person will be at their best. But with the given information so far, I would suggest late afternoon as a time of optimum performance in most of your body’s processes.

But overall, my personal advice would be train when you are motivated to train! If you are tired, skip the training and workout harder the next day!

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