Squat and Romanian Deadlift Challenge | B-FIT


Squat and Romanian Deadlift Challenge

Here a little challenge that will kill your legs and give you gains!
I tried it a couple of days ago at B-FIT AZABU, and my legs are still sore!
This workout works your hamstrings , quadriceps, gluteus, and lower back.

Rack up two barbells, with a weight that you are comfortable with.
Don’t go to heavy because your going to be doing high reps.
Put the timer on for 15 minutes.
First set: 20 squats , 20 romanian deadlifts.
Second set: 15 of squats, 15 romanian deadlifts.
Third set: 10 of squats, 10 romanian deadlifts.
Forth set: 5 of squats, 5 romanian deadlifts.

The challenge is to finish within 15 minutes.
Keep good posture the whole time, if you start to lose your form take a break. Then start again.
the first time use the same weight the whole time. If you finish before the 15 minutes is done. the next time add weight each set.

If its to hard for you after the first set, you can drop the weight each set, Just try do finish all the sets within 15 minutes with good form.

Good luck and break a leg!!