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Bad Posture

Having good posture is very important.
Depending on your job or life style, many of us do things everyday that may lead to having bad posture and not even know that we`re doing it.

Getting a bad posture is something that doesn’t happen over night, it takes a long time for you to get misaligned and its probably something you do it all the time.

Shifting your body weight to one side while you sit or stand, looking down at your computer or phone, caring a heavy bag on one shoulder all the time or crossing your legs a lot while you sit.
All those things start to become habits and we tend to keep doing it all the time which ends to all sorts of problems.

Having problems breathing, muscle weakness, poor digestion, LBP, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, headaches, nerve compression, pinched nerve and sciatica. If you get any of these problems chances are that it can be caused by your bad posture.

So what can you do to improve your posture?

Well, you know who to call for HELP!

Bad Posture Part2