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Stability Ball for Better Posture

The stability ball is a good tool to help improve posture.

It benefits people with back pain, also helps people improve posture while they sit. Just by sitting on the ball you can work your muscles in the back, core, and obliques, and you can burn some calories. Because you have to keep your core muscles
engaged while sitting.
When sitting for long periods of time, it can put a lot of strain on your back.
It is good to take breaks though out the day to stretch, the stability ball can
be a good tool for that too.
The stability ball offers an entirely new way to exercise, it can be used to work
your back and core muscles in many different ways.
You can work muscles that don’t get a much opportunity to be worked. It can also help improve coordination, flexibility, and balance.
If you do get a stability ball to use in the office, you should switch between the ball and the office chair. Because you will find yourself getting tired if you sit on the ball for to long.
When your muscles start to get stronger then you can sit on the ball for longer periods.
Also don’t forget to stretch if you have been sitting for a long time!!