Did you know…that 75% of people who exercise are not getting the results they want? But out of the 25% of people who are getting results, 90% of them are working with a Personal Trainer!
Personal Training gets results and that’s why anyone can benefit from this personal attention!
If you want to really increase your fitness level, need motivation to keep fit or want to look your best for a special occasion consider working with a personal trainer@B-FIT!
Our experts will help you attain greater fitness and health awareness. We assure you to keep motivated and challenged. Motivate clients by setting goals, providing feedback and our original evaluation before we start out session.
Measure your weight, BP, HR, alignment
Measure your strengths and weakness
Advise on cardio, resistance, flexibility, nutrition and general health matters
Guide you in the correct technique
Give varied exercises to keep you keen and improve your fitness
Commit to turning up each week ? and ensuring you do too!
Too many people stay on the same program for an extended period of time and wonder why they’re no longer experiencing changes in their fitness level. Programming updates are very important to ensure ongoing progress. This is where we can help you gain the health and fitness level you desire!

We can focus on fat loss, cardio-conditioning, muscle-conditioning, rehabilitation, fixing your posture, flexibility or a combination of all of these depending on your goals, needs, strengths and weaknesses. We really do strive to make our clients’ sessions as individualized as possible, effective and last but not least to have lots of fun!

It’s not boot camp! But there will be plenty of sweat! And muscle growth! And increased stamina! And a perfect posture! And fat loss! What are you waiting for Tokyo fitness – 1 trainer. 1 client. 1 GOAL. – Get started today

B-FIT trainers are highly experienced in delivering programs to adults and children at all levels. Our programs are adaptable and designed because we assess each person’s needs and develop a training program for them to meet achievable goals.
We encourage people to integrate simple techniques into their daily lives and have fun while they reduce stress, lose weight, or improve health. So what are you waiting for! We also have a special price for non resident so if you are here in Tokyo looking for a quick work out, please contact info@b-fit.co.jp
Consultation (Only available for first-time clients)
B-FIT training experience (Only available for first-time clients)
=70 minute course (consultation + training + stretching)
Membership fee (excluding posture correction course)

Diet focus
(12 short-term diet courses)
(70 minutes per course)

Nice bottom course
(12 shape-up sessions)
(70 minutes per course)

Kickboxing/Boxing course
(12 sessions)
(70 minutes per training session)

Pair up training course
(12 sessions)
(70 minutes per training session)
Membership fee

Posture correction course
(12 sessions)
(60 minutes per training session with 10 minutes of post-workout stretching + towel set + full rental wear + protein)

Posture correction course
(16 sessions)
(60 minutes per training session with 10 minutes of post-workout stretching + towel set + full rental wear + protein)

Posture correction course
(24 sessions)
(60 minutes per training session with 10 minutes of post-workout stretching + towel set + full rental wear + protein)
Rental amenities ( T-shirt, Shorts, Socks, Shoes )
Mineral water
Protein shake
Required Documents
passport or alien card
Reserved training sessions may be changed providing that cancellations are done by 23:00 the day before.
Same-day cancellations will result in the loss of one training ticket.
President’s Message
To be honest, at one time, I was very weak and thin, which led to my having a huge inferiority complex. But, I decided to proactively do something about it. I recognized the need for a major physical transformation. Through sheer determination and tenacity, I quickly grew, both in strength and confidence. I became fit and muscular. I believe two reasons I was successful in reaching this goal were desire and continuity. By developing a disciplined mindset to train,
I was able to build myself into a person with a noticeably more muscular physique, and maintain that form – even now. I guess you could say that my mental strength back then was the key to my developing physical strength.
I’ve been a personal trainer for 24 years, and I’ve taught more than 40,000 people. It gives me tremendous satisfaction to share my training knowledge and expertise. Using the extensive experience I’ve been fortunate enough to accrue, I provide professional, real-time training consultation on proper body mechanics, corrective exercise techniques, the importance of moving the body, and further, of simply enjoying the training process.
First and foremost, our mission is to help everyone to become super fit and healthy. That entails both physical and spiritual wellness. Moderate exercise prevents loss in muscle strength and muscle mass that naturally occurs with age, and improves the ability to maintain proper posture and movement for basic things such as walking and standing.
Additionally moderate exercise prevents lifestyle-related diseases and conditions, and the sense of accomplishment and exhilaration from exercise drastically reduces both physical and mental stress, ultimately contributing to your emotional health.
Now that we’re living in an age in which it’s more common for people to live to be 100, beyond just taking measures against getting sick, we need a mechanism to live better, and to empower ourselves with wellness. The great thing about exercising/wanting to stay in shape is that you can make a resolute determination to train, whether you’re 20 or 80! Age makes no difference.
I hope that you’ll seamlessly develop a love for and get into the practice of exercising, to not only live a healthier life, but to dramatically extend your life expectancy. This is easily achievable with a bit of willpower. Moreover, it’ll be rewarding “down the road”, since you can be an active participant in your own destiny. You actually have the power to improve your health, while strengthening your body – and your spirit. You just need to decide that you want to be, and stay, healthy. Once you make that decision, all you have to do is seize the opportunity, and start your journey.
Turn on to “Training Street”. Stay the course. Maintain that “drive”. The key is to set out on your journey now. Start your “engine”, and drive continuously until you reach your destination. It might be a long drive. But, that’s okay. Life’s road is long. Don’t veer off the road. Stay focused. Stay disciplined.
CONSISTENCY is the KEY! Importantly, enjoy your drive. It will take you places.
My staff and I vow to be there for you – for every mile of your journey. I give you my personal promise that we will do everything in our power to help you to skillfully and safely navigate your course, and keep you on the road to exceptional health. We will also do our best to ensure that B-FIT is a place you’ll love to come. We encourage and welcome you to begin your training journey today!
What is corporate fitness and what are the costs of poor health on your business?
Corporate fitness is a wellness programs for the workplace. The programs may take place at that particular business, a nearby health club, or another facility. These programs will increase job satisfaction and help keep employees healthy and fit, especially since people are now working longer days.
To save your time, our corporate fitness programs will be held in the workplace, using the office room as a training facility.
Corporations are investing more money each year in the effort to help their employees stay healthy and fit. These corporations have learned that it is more economical for their business to help employees stay healthy than to pay the rising medical costs when they become ill. In order to ensure employees stay healthy, companies are frequently paying part of their employees’ gym memberships or investing in some type of workplace fitness program.
Benefits from corporate fitness training:
Improve posture and flexibility
Increase fitness level and energy levels
Focused state of mind (directly impacts on work performance)
Ability to work under pressure
Eliminates time required for employees to go to the gym
Reduce stress
Greater employee allegiance
Potential to lower health care and insurance expenditures
Improved public perception of the company
Employee health has a direct impact on staff morale, performance and productivity levels, affecting the overall turnover of companies.
Without a question, employees are a company’s greatest asset, but also one of its greatest risks. Consider the economic impact of staff due to health-related issues, such as neck and low back problems from sitting all day using the computer and stress to name just a few.
The Health and Safety Executive annual figures reveal staggering numbers of work-related illnesses such as musculoskeletal disorders and stress, which lead to absenteeism from work. The poor health of employees leads to companies losing thousands of man-hours each year, reducing company work capacity and turnover.
In addition, present exercise and nutrition methods are proving to be insufficient for maintaining health and combating stress, often worsening the employee’s health status, increasing levels of stress and further reducing the individual’s ability to cope with pressures of work. It is essential for companies to focus seriously on employee health, and to wisely invest in effective health initiatives. In this area of corporate life, companies of the Far East are far ahead of their Western counterparts.
For decades giant corporations of Japan, China and South Korea have sensibly invested in the health and well-being of their staff. Many of their leading companies provide exercise programmes as an integral part of daily workplace life, which have been shown to greatly benefit employee health and work ethic, together with the overall health and performance of companies.
There is compelling evidence that a large portion of company expenditure on health-related costs is preventable by means of a company health programme. Well planned, comprehensive company health programmes have been shown to be cost-effective, particularly when such a programme is matched to the health problems of the specific employees.
What we do and what can be done!
If you work at an office desk all day you will know how tiring it can be. Your physical shape and posture can be the cause of neck and lower back pain and the influence of suboptimal posture on pain is more notable for the head and neck.
A forward head posture in someone with recurrent neck or back pain will aggravate the pain. The greater the forward stoop, the greater the pain. Attention to better posture will alleviate the pain. Maintaining a neutral head posture and gentle stretches and massage will help neck range of motion.
As you lean forwards to read from the low PC screen on your desk (which was designed for writing, not computers) or to look down at the keyboard, your head and shoulders tip forwards. Your arms are also in front of your body using the keyboard and mouse. Your neck and back muscles have to compensate. If you already have a forward stoop (i.e. rounded back) then this problem is exaggerated further. As soon as your head and shoulders are in front of the line of centre of gravity, your muscles need to exert more activity to keep your head up and remain upright.
Many people now walk slightly bent forwards at the hip. This is partly because sitting all day leads their hip flexor, abdominal, and hamstring muscles to shorten and weaken, while their back and neck muscles lengthened. If they also have a slight “office belly” to pull them forwards, and remove tension on their abdominals while they walk then all the strain is on their back and neck.
Assessment of posture both during standing and in functional movement may help guide corrective stretching and exercise. Improving muscle strength with appropriate exercises can help correct the posture and thus reduce back pain.
We will show you how to:
Counteract rounded shoulders and forward stoop (forward head) position
Improve diaphragm and lumbar spine position, breathing pattern, and trunk stability.
Promote optimal posture and neuromuscular control of the deep abdominals, diaphragm, and pelvic floor (lumbar-pelvic stabilization) With simple exercises, pectoral muscle stretches, and self-massage (e.g. using foam roller).
Learn a fun way to use a small soft ball and balloon (or without) to restore posture and optimal spine position.
Do you know the first thing to do when you stand up after sitting down for an hour or more and why it is so important?
The best time of day to do abdominal exercises And why doing hundreds of “sit ups” is useless?
Normal postural balance, mobility (range of motion, including fascial), strength and endurance need to be restored to get normal pain-free function and movement.
Let us assist you! If not now, then WHEN?
Corporate Group Personal Training Package group of 8-12 employees can work with a fitness and diet expert at the corporate site gym, office or health facility. The entire group meets with a personal trainer for a group exercise program once a week for 1 hour. Each participant also receives a 25% discount on a monthly individual personal training membership.
Price: please contact info@b-fit.co.jp




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